What Is The Fastest Mustang

Mustang cars are known for being fast. This powerful sports car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour within a couple of seconds. These cars are well respected by car enthusiasts and they are wanted by many people. While all Mustangs are fast some still wonder what is the fastest Mustang that has been made. These are the fastest Mustangs on the market. They will allow a person to enjoy their ride and time spent on the road.

 2014 Mustang Shelby GT500

This car is one of the fastest Mustangs that have ever been made. It has over 600 horsepower and according to road tests it can go all the way from 0 to 60 in only 3.7 seconds. This car can do the quarter mile in 11.7 seconds and can reach a speed of 135 miles per hour in this time. This is one fast car.

 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

This Mustang is another fast car that will not disappoint the driver. It can go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds flat. This car can also go the quarter mile in only 12.1 seconds. This is impressive timing.

 2004 Mach 1, 5 speed

This Mustang will allow the driver to have some fun as they are going to need to control it with the stick shift. This car comes stock at 4.6 with no additional power added to it. The automatic car is still powerful but lags a few seconds behind the 5 speed model. This car is great for those that like to go fast and feel the wind in their hair.

 2001 Cobra

This car has great performance. According to tests it was able to reach speeds of 105 in just 13.5 seconds. This car has a lot of horsepower and has been designed to be lighter than previous miles so that it can go faster in a shorter period of time.

 2007 Mustang GT

This car can reach the speed of 103 miles per hour in just 13.8 seconds. The stock version of this car is very fast and there is no need to upgrade it. This car has some cosmetics such as strips that make it look cool. In addition to the speed of this car many fans of the Mustang love the look.

 1970 Cobra Jet Mustang

This car may be an older model but it is still a favorite of people that love to go fast. This car has 4 speeds and runs on polygas. The car is able to reach 101 miles per hour in as little as 14.2 seconds. This is great for an older model of the Mustang. This car was well ahead of its time. This car has the classic Mustang look and is great for those that love classic cars as well as racing. This is one of the baddist Mustangs that were ever made. This classic car can go fast and can move.

These are some of the fastest Mustang cars that were ever produced. The stock versions of these cars are really fast. For those that love fast cars and want to be the king of the road these Mustang models are a top choice for them to drive.