What Is A Saleen Mustang

Saleen is an American based car manufacturer, with a specialty in the production of high-performance sports cars along with their suitable automotive stock parts. The company has its main headquarters in California, and as of June 2013, the company officially changed its Name to sales automotive. The company is responsible for the production of the Saleen S7 vehicle that was introduced in the years 200. When introduced, this car came with an exclusive mid-engine design and a superior performance supercar package as well. The Saleen Mustang vehicles are well-known for their superior performance engines and highly appealing paint color designs.

The Saleen brand of cars was officially launched by the American Racer Steve Saleen in 1983, with the first version of the vehicles being introduced in 1984. The initial Saleens were only designed to provide excellent handling results and these vehicles often came with stock Ford Engines. The Saleen has also won several races with his Mustang cars including the famous Daytona Race, Le Mans, and various other notable championship races. These vehicles are available in two broad categories including the S281 and the Ford Modular 4.6L V8 engine. Both are regarded as supercharged vehicles, and the S351 was made available for public purchase from 1994 to 1999.

In 2007, a retired racer of the Saleen vehicles known as Parnelli Jones produced a limited version of the Mustang vehicles. As a result, the vehicle is named after him, and it was also designed to incorporate the design features of the Saleen vehicle that he drove way back in the 1970`s.


The advent of the Saleen brand vehicles was unveiled in 1984 when Steve Saleen introduced the Saleen Mustang in California. The 1986 version of the vehicle entered the endurance races, and it won various accolades for than in Canada as well as from General Tire. In 1987, Steve Saleen along with various teammates won the SCCA championship accolades. Many proponents of the vehicle believe it is this that brought more public attention to the superior design features and the overall performance when on the road and racing tracks. More so, the vehicle is also known for its superior aerodynamics and chassis system design that makes it ideal even for the most rugged terrains.

In 2013, the Saleen vehicles got into a merger that led to the Saleen being a public traded organization. In fact, later on, that same year, the company relocated all its operations to a large production facility in the Southern Region of California. In the year 2014, the Saleen vehicle brand signed a deal to expand its manufacturing process to include distributions in China. As of August 2014, the company released its electric performance vehicles into the consumer market.

In 2016, there has been much attention on the production of an all-electric version of the S7 Saleen vehicle from Saleen car enthusiasts. In fact, some are even claiming the vehicle will be released soon and named the S7E version of the vehicle. It is believed that the vehicle will have a better drive terrain and its electronics will be sourced from the Tesla Model S platform.