What Company Makes Mustangs

The Mustang automobile has long been associated with power, speed, and a certain type of grace that can only be associated with the raw power that is demonstrated by its namesake. There is a long and storied history behind the development of this automobile, one that many car owners are proud to be associated with. There might be a few people asking themselves what company makes Mustangs, but for almost everyone, the name is synonymous with the car company that has made it famous over so many decades. That name is Ford Motor Company.

About The Corporation

Ford Motor Company is easily one of the most recognizable car companies in existence. After all, they were the first ones to manufacture an automobile available for sale to the general public. Furthermore, the company has led the way at virtually every turn when it came to creating high-quality automobiles that set the standard in whatever class they were designed to perform in. With that being said, the Mustang goes far beyond the motor company that is associated with. There is almost a cult-like following involved with this particular type of vehicle, and as such, it has created a name for itself that practically stands alone.

About The Car

The Mustang was popular as early as the 1950s. At the time, it looked a lot like other vehicles that were manufactured during that era, only it had a sense of class about it that most of the other vehicles lacked. In addition, it was one of the few hardtop convertibles in existence. Although there are comparatively few of these vehicles that are still on the road today, they do exist and they are considered to be extremely valuable. However, the Mustang did not come into its own until the 1960s, when the era of the muscle car really started to take off. This is when Ford essentially made the decision to stop designing the car for appearance’s sake alone and started focusing more on performance. Make no mistake about it, the car still had some graceful lines but it was able to outperform a lot of the other popular vehicles that were made during this time.


The Mustang has definitely changed over the years. There was even a time during the early 1980s when the vehicle was a more compact version of itself and was designed more for economy than anything else. Fortunately, Ford Motor Company eventually made the decision to return back to their performance roots, creating an automobile that is both sophisticated, attractive, and capable of outperforming many of the other cars in its class today. The truth of the matter is that today’s Mustang looks a lot like a sleeker version of the muscle car design from the 1960s. It is also capable of handling practically anything that you can throw at it.


Once again, Ford has combined performance and looks in order to create a car that virtually anyone would be proud to own. Furthermore, they have made it a point to honor the legacy of the Mustang, something that has a lot to do with the overall success of the company as a whole.