The Different Mustang Models

Ford and various other car-manufacturing companies have been providing modified version of their vehicles to meet the ever growing consumer market demands. Drivers who want high-performance variants of these vehicles often seek better handling, enhanced engine power along with superior car styling as well. A significant portion of these car models often come with unique aesthetic appeals and various performance upgrades for their unique driving needs. While some of the different ford mustang vehicles were designed for driving enthusiast, these vehicles are still ideal for day-to-day use. More so, Ford Mustangs are not only known for their high-performance engines, but they are also known for their appealing aesthetic designs as well.

The Different Mustang Models

Here are some of the prevalent mustangs to ever hit the consumer market

Shelby Mustangs

The Shelby Mustang is a powerful performance vehicle, which was initially built by Shelby for three years in the late nineteen sixties. Ford then took over operations in the late nineties and since the introduction of the Fifth Generation Mustang, the company was revived under a new brand name with Ford as the main brand name. The automobile company Carroll Shelby later converted the standard Mustang vehicle into a high-performance vehicle with the GT-350 as the main vehicle. These versions of the vehicle featured shortened hoods and no rear seats as a new and revived Shelby vehicle design.


Jack Roush is a performance engineering company that was started by a man known as Jack Roush in the late seventies. He was previously responsible for the development of performance stock parts, vehicle designs, and the engines as well. Roush performance Company was initially responsible for the production of aftermarket stock parts and vehicle engines for vehicles. The company started the production of the Mustang Roush in 1995 with the vehicle becoming an instant hit among Mustang vehicle enthusiasts.


With their primary operations in Pompano Beach in Florida, the Steeda Company was started in 1988. Dario Orlando was responsible for starting the company, and it was initially a Ford Racing team. The first model to be introduced under their name Steeda GT in 199. Furthermore, the Steeda GT was regarded as a standard Mustang vehicle with upgrades on the braking and handling systems. More so, the vehicle also features the conventional Mustang parts such as the stripes and top quality computer tuning systems


A man known as Steve Saleen in the early nineteen eighties founded the Ford Mustang Saleen. It’s important to note that the first Saleen Mustang vehicle was primarily used built for exceptional handling. These cars came with the conventional Ford engines, and the vehicle was used in various competitions at the time including the SCCA championships and the Daytona Races as well. The first model of the vehicles came with the 4.6L engine while the advanced version of the vehicle features a 5.8 L Windsor engine. By the same token, both vehicles were available with supercharged engines and one of the top rated Saleen models was the S302 Extreme, which replaced the 4.6-liter V8 version.