Mustang Cars In Motorsport

The Ford Mustang is considered one of the most iconic brands in the US automobile industry. Many of you might be wondering what could be the reason behind the popularity of this brand is. Well, the brand’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that Ford Mustangs are among some of the best looking cars that America has ever produced. Be that as it may, we contend that the physical appearance of a car is not the main thing that customers are concerned with instead, the main concerns for most people is the performance of the car. Ford Mustangs are indeed some of the best performing cars and this is why you might have noticed that these cars play a significant role in the country’s motorsport circuit. In this article, we present you with a brief analysis of some of the most successful Ford Mustang in Motorsport.


The Mustang Boss was a 1970s race that is still considered a motorsport icon to this very day. The car featured a typical 1970s chassis that was specially modified to handle the demands of the race circuit. One of the reasons behind the success of the Mustang Boss is of course the team racing driver who turned out to be a very reliable chap both on and off track. The presence of former NASCAR expert Bud Moore also served to enhance the overall performance of the Boss team since he was well equipped with information on how to best tune the machine.


Many of you might not know this but the mid 80s saw increased motorsport rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet. The manufacturers of these two brands went out of their way in an effort to ensure that their brands would win the country’s motorsport racing circuit. The 1986 IMSA GTO was the car that was meant to take on its Chevy rival and indeed it managed to this in amazing fashion. The obsession with beating Chevy resulted in several engine modifications to the GTO and the ultimately this made it one of the best performing motorsport brands in history.


The mid-nineties is considered a revolutionary period as far as the country’s motorsport industry was concerned. This is due to the fact that it was during this period that there was increase use of computers to help with mechanics of the cars. The 1997 SCCA MUSTANG is indeed one of the pioneer Ford race cars to fully embrace computerized tuning and simulation in its race tactics. This integration of technology seems to have paid off significantly since the car managed to register superior performance in the circuit as compared to its competitors. Precisely, the 1997 SCCA TRANS-AM MUSTANG managed to register eleven victories in the circuit, a feat that was unprecedented at the time. These victories saw the car win both the 1996 and 1997 championship events.

All in all, the Ford Mustang has indeed managed to hold its own when it comes to motorsport racing. The brand has over the years invested heavily in its engine manufacturing initiatives and this has seen it produce some of the best race cars in history.