Ford Mustang (6th generation)

Ford has consistently established itself as one of the biggest vehicle producing companies. In the recent years, Ford has set up itself in the car dealership industry and plays a significant role in determining the wave of the markets. It is however clear that it is the company’s invention of its product, the Ford Mustang that it has managed to gain so much popularity and higher ratings from stakeholders and the general public as a whole. This article’s target is to make you conversant with this latest invention from Ford and take you through the benefits that comes with owning one.

The structure of Ford Mustang

One of the most amazing things about this vehicle is that it is convertible. This alone makes it stand out from the rest. The convertible weighs slightly less than 140 pounds more than its predecessor. Most of the weight however, sits on the front wheels as opposed to the predecessor’s. It has an audio system that has twelve speakers in case you are a fan of listening to music while you are travelling. For the best experience while using the car, you are advised to drive at a relaxed pace as it possesses a good ride quality. As the wind blows, it reasonably calms it top down.

While this model possesses a lot of amazing qualities, it usually leads to drivers, stakeholders and even critiques to ask this question;

Is this the best car ever produced by Ford?

As Ford continued producing cars right down from the first generation, a lot of improvements were made. For instance, Mustang two was an improvisation of the first Mustang and the trend went on like that. But by removing or improvising some aspects of the previous Mustangs, Ford might have done away with some good qualities from them. For example, the first five generations of Mustangs represented the real pony car. One that was compact, stylish and sporty. The sixth generation Mustang however, does not show most of these qualities. It is designed for more of prestige and luxury than being sporty.

When Ford first launched its only car in 1994, there was a certain specific blueprint on how the car would look like. It had a lot of power and had an engine on the front. It had a rear wheel drive and also rear axle. The sixth generation Mustang however, has a significant improvement on this. It possesses between six to eight cylinders under it and an independent rear suspension not excluding the fact that it can also use carbon fiber wheels. While this is a significant improvement from the first Mustang, many people feel that Ford has lost touch with the original blueprint that was made in 1994.


Ford Mustang is one of the latest inventions by the company. It is extremely improvised, and it matches the modern day technology. However, there are still doubts whether it is the best produced car. By being the latest in the market, it doesn’t guarantee that it is the best, so they argue. Whether it is the best or not, that waits to be seen as time elapses. Meanwhile, the Mustang remains one of the best in the market, and it should be given credit where due.