All About Mustang Engines

Mustangs have been voted the number one sports cars for more than forty-years. Mustangs all have different kinds of engines. Most of the engines make a tick, tap, knock, or thump sound on startup. The engines can also be classified as a roaring sound. Over the years, the engines have remained the same just different horsepower’s. The horsepower’s are what gives the Mustang so much energy to be the best sports car around. Mustangs are very reliable cars.

In The 60s

In 1964, four engines were built. They all have different horsepower and sizes. The horsepower included: 105hp, 164hp, 210hp, and 271hp. The sizes included: 170ci/2.8L, 260ci/4.3L, and the last size is 289ci/4.7L.

In 1965, again four engines were built that were like the ones built in the previous year, but had different horsepower. The different horsepower’s included: 120hp, 200hp, 225hp, and 271hp. The sizes were the same except for one. The sizes included: 289ci/4.7L and 200ci/3.3L.

In 1966, three engines were built. The size and horsepower’s included: 289ci/4.7L with 200 and 225hp, and 200ci/3.3L with 120hp.

In 1967, there were five more engines built with again similar features from the previous years. However, there were two different horsepower’s and one with a different size. The two-different horsepower’s included: 271hp and 320hp. The size of the different engine was 390ci/6.4L.

In 1968, six engines were again built with the same features. I’m really starting to think that the people building these engines and their designers loved the features that they had in place for these engines. They all had six different horsepower’s that included: 115hp, 195hp, 223hp, 280hp, 325hp, and 335hp. The two new sizes were, 302ci/5.0L and 428ci/7.0L.

In 1969, ten engines were built that packed the same punch as the other ones. The new horsepower’s included: 115hp, 155hp, 210hp, 290hp, 250hp, 320hp, and 375hp. The two new sizes that were included were, 351ci/5.8L and 429ci/7.0L.

In the 70s

In 1971, there were fourteen different engines built. The sizes and horsepower’s were again the same as the previous years. However, one had a different horsepower. The horsepower for that one was 330hp.

For the next coming years, the sizes and horsepower’s were relatively the same. They have all been classified with different alphabetic codes.

Mustang Engines Today

In 2016, four engines were built. The sizes of these four included: 75ci/1.2L, 227ci/3.7L, 302ci/5.0L, and 315ci/5.2L. The different horsepower’s of these engines included: 310hp, 300hp, 435hp, and 526hp.

There have been many mustang engines built over the years. The engines are very strong. However, they must be because the Mustangs are strong and powerful cars. The engines are what makes them strong. Building the engines, the way there are built is a special feature of the cars. It is what gives these cars their flavor. Thinking about owning one of these? Well you really should. These cars are great for racing and traveling. If you are one of those race junkies, then owning one of these is the best thing for you. If you like the Fast and Furious movies you see that Mustang is used in the movie. Just think about it.