When building a sense of community of like minded folks, it’s important to know that everyone feel the same way as you do about what you have in common. I know a cool Mustang Club of Milwaukee that feels like you’re a part of the community and I’ve started the club right out of high school. Ever since then, I haven’t look back. People sometimes comes up to me in person and said that they enjoy the club as much as I do because they like the fact that they are interacting with like minded people that also like Mustang. It makes me feel proud to know that there are people that appreciate such fine looking car while it drives perfect.

We have all sorts of people that are from all walks of life. It ranges from parents to single people that are in or just graduated from college to grandparents. People like that exist but here in Milwaukee, we understand where you’re coming from. As the President of the club, our goal is to love the Mustangs while making people feel at ease of being with us. We understand that there are some groups that just make it exclusively for certain people and although, in some ways, that is like us, we do not discriminate. If you love Mustangs just as much as me and the group of people that are in the Mustang Club of Milwaukee, you’re more than welcome to apply for it. I am always looking for new members that believe Mustang rules when it comes to looking hot while driving around with it.

At one time or another, we had a few members that broke a couple of rules before banning them for life. One of them is to never discriminate. Unfortunately, some people will never get out of certain era and accept that people are who they are no matter where they’re coming from. We have whites, Asians, blacks and so forth. Although, our love affair doesn’t just end with the Mustang, we talk about a wide variety of topics that may cater to Mustang. Some of us give tips on how to keep it in tip top shape to how to save more money while owning one. It’s another reason why I started the club. I wanted people to share with one another of what we know and pass it on. We are so close that we became friends because we keep hanging out with each other.

We meet up with each other at least once a week or so. Before we do, we find out what days and times would work best for everyone. We don’t want to leave people out of the group just because they can’t make it so we try to make things work where everyone is in it. Although, occasionally, we may need to reschedule the days and times in order to accommodate everyone in the group. It’s important to keep in touch and see each other in order to be accountable for things such as for social reasons.

Now that you know how close we are as a group, you’re more than welcome to get started just by signing up and/or get more information before making a final decision. Whatever it may be, we wish you lots of luck if you are invited to join us. We hope to meet you real soon.