Mustang Club of Milwaukee

The Mustang is one of the most iconic cars available today. Just the name Mustang creates images of people hitting the open road and driving across the United States with golden fields on either side of them. The mustang itself is a symbol of freedom and of the wild, which has helped make the Mustang vehicle as emotionally evocative as it has become today. The mustang is an especially powerful symbol for the members of the Mustang Club of Milwaukee. The average member here owns 2 mustangs and if they are newer they carry a USED vehicle warranty on them.

Ford Mustang1An auto club in a place like Milwaukee is going to be very different from an auto club in other parts of the country. Milwaukee is a northern area that has very distinct seasons, and the stare of Wisconsin has some of the coldest winters in the United States in general. Many auto clubs like to stage outdoor driving expeditions to allow themselves to truly experience the feel of their vehicles, and the Mustang Club of Milwaukee is no exception. However, members of this auto club have to work around the fluctuating weather patterns that characterize life in Wisconsin. According to BRH, they have to take advantage of the summer months to go on their driving adventures, and they have to plan indoor, more social activities during the winter months. (more…)

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Ford Mustang


Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest and most famous car companies in the world. It was founded in 1903, but the Ford Mustang, about which we shall write here, was not introduced until 1963, a full seventeen years after Henry’s death. Since then, several versions of the vehicle have been made, divided into six generations, the most recent of them beginning this year. This article will give a brief history of the Ford Mustang, including the prototype and the previous five generations. It will then go into the main features of the current generation.


Ford Mustang2In 1962, then-Ford President Lee Iacocca led a committee of company managers called the Fairlane Group, whose objective was to design a new car that could compete with the Corvair Monza sports coupe that General Motors had built in 1959. The Ford Mustang that came out as a result of the ideas of the committee members resulted, in turn, in a mushrooming of new models by competing companies; among these were the Pontiac Firebird, the Dodge Challenger, the Chevrolet Camaro and the AMC Javelin, and Chrysler vamped up its Plymouth Barracuda. The longest-lasting generation of Ford Mustangs was the third, which was in production for fourteen years (1979-1993). Even more important, a new class of American automobiles, known as “pony cars,” arose, of which the Mustang was the first. These cars had short rear decks and long hoods, giving them a “sporty” appearance. The Mustang is the only such vehicle that has been produced continually in the same form for more than fifty years. (more…)

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Important Steps and Guides to Purchasing a car

You can purchase a car from manufacturers directly or you purchase from dealers. It is easier to purchase from dealership than purchasing directly from manufacturers. Car dealers are primarily in business to make profit. When you want to purchase a car from dealers, what should be at the back of your mind is that the dealers are selling the cars to you with the aim of making profits out of the sale. You as the buyer want to get the car from the dealer at the best and cheapest prices. Unless you are an experienced auto buyer, you will not find it easy to buy cars for the first time. There are certain pitfalls, which first time buyers fall into, it is important that you avoid them. To avoid that, here are useful tips that would guide you in purchasing a car.

Car purchasing TipsBeautiful car. Great details !

Make sure that you purchase the right vehicle. You have to conduct an autobiography. You can buy the right car when you determine how you will use it. The purpose you will use the car will guide you in choosing the right vehicle. Decide whether the new car would be used for hauling your kids, whether it would be used just for commuting, whether it would be used for weekends or during vacations. This will help you to determine whether you would buy a car for comfort and the energy consumption of car you want to buy. If you make a mistake in car choice, it would be a costly one because you would have spent a huge amount of money to purchase your car.Check out this resource for finding a car warranty:


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